Tomorrow, Lips Ibiza, the opening party!

Tomorrow, starting at 11,30 pm, will be time of Opening party for the Lips!

The beach club of Playa d’en Bossa has organized a big opening!  As wrote us our great friend Pat of Pat Comunicaciones, said:  “Lips Reartes, officially open his doors with a night based on the best ingredients of the island, the sea, the sand, a starry sky, the good gastronomy and the whole energy and essence of the people of Ibiza.

The sounds Deep & Tech of the young DJ and producer of Lleida Iban Mendoza, whose career would have consolidated him on the island, turning him into a regular of the cabins of clubs as important as Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege or DC 10, becoming the ideal ambassador for a special night. But Iban is not alone, they accompany him, among others, the DJ and producer Javier Barreda, responsible among other things, for exporting the identity of the music of Ibiza to Brazil through one of the brands which identifies Ibiza around the world as it is Café del Mar. Following him, the sonorous universes of two more artists in the cabin, Stephanie Rosse promises one of his surrounding delicate house sessions and the house of Javi Green considered already one of the resident DJs of the island.

From the dance floor to the Restaurant Lips Reartes

Mantras as Eat to Be Happy and concepts such as Gastro-Beach, offers glimpses of its intentions of one of the latest additions to Playa d’en Bossa, led by renowned chef David Reartes.

Willing to offer service all year round and located in the heart of the famous beach of the Island of Ibiza, Lips Reartes offers a unique frame as stage: a foreground based on golden sand and the blue bottom of the Mediterranean. While it is clear that the beauty of Lips Reartes not only lies in the magic of his sea views but also in his elegant interior landscape, thanks to the spectacular design by Vondom Reartes.

But what definitely marks the essence of a restaurant is the food. More than two decades at the stove sharing secrets with the best, point out David Reartes undoubtedly as one of the star chefs of the season in Ibiza, this small paradise of the Pitiusas.

Aware of this, this young chef has clear that only the best products can make a great menu. So it is important to work with products of proximity. Products of high quality, grown by local suppliers or in ecological farms and without intermediaries between the producer and the consumer, with that David gets besides the best local products, a greater sustainability and efficiency, the essence of good savoir affaires.

The “Mesa o”, the place from where to eat to be happy

One of the news of this inimitable restaurant is the “Mesa 0”. A privileged table from which four people observe from the front row how the chef David Reartes prepares his surprise tasting menu under the name “Tuétanos y Colágenos”.

As the exclusivity and surprise are a brand of the house, the menu of “Mesa 0”, which must be booked in advance, is different in each service, becoming a gastronomic experience. An experience for gourmets where to experience not only how they cook and work in a service of this size, but how they finish their courses being somehow active part of the feeling of this kitchen for one day.

The rest of the menu has nothing to envy the star menu nor its extensive wine list and cocktails.

From this first Friday of June, the Lips also become the ideal place to recharge the body based on his energetic breakfasts unique on the island and from 10a.m. every day.

If what you really want is a quiet dinner, do not hesitate, the Lips is open until 3a.m. Although to Lips you can also go and relax anytime of the day, while you watch the sea from the Balinese beds, you can ask one of their wonderful fresh juices and smoothies, or you can have a cocktail served with the best accompaniments: the music in the beach.

A new way of living, listening, enjoying and tasting Ibiza is born. On Friday June 6, officially opens his doors, Lips Reartes, the place where to eat to be happy.

Please confirm your attendance through email at and have a drink with us this Friday.

+ Info:

C/ Porreres 1 – Playa D’en Bossa

07810 Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain”.

Thanks to pat Quintero for the support! 



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